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Wrap For Freshness

Best used in place of saran wrap to store or transport food. Use the warmth of your hands to form the wax wrap over a dish, produce, a block of cheese, a couple cookies or wrap a sandwich. The cold of your fridge will help seal it in place.


Not for use with hot/warm items and raw meat.


Make A Snack Pouch

1.  Lay out wrap onto clean, flat surface.


2.  Fold into triangle by meeting opposite corners.


3.  Fold one corner on long end 2/3 of the way into the center,


4.  Fold adjacent corner in the same amount and tuck it into the first corner. 

5. Open pouch by separating the two top layers and folding down to make a pocket.  Fill with snacks and seal point to close.



Wash by hand only.  Rinse under cool water or wipe with a damp cloth. If heavily soiled, use a gentle alcohol free soap.  Hang or towel dry. 



To maximize the life of your wax wraps, store rolled or flat. I keep mine in the drawer with my dish towels, containers and parchment.  Creases and staining will occur with use. This is normal and not a sign of defect. 



Wax wraps are biodegradable.  Once your wrap has reached the end of its life, simply cut in to small pieces and put in the green bin or compost.

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