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Meet Bree

Busy Bree is a passionate, entrepreneurial mama who strives to live sustainably and love the earth. Last Christmas, while making eco-friendly gifts with friends, she made wax wraps for the first time. People were so inspired by the creative gift and simple alternative to plastic! She knew she had to continue providing this solution while fulfilling her dreams of working from and being home with her daughter. She worked intensively to perfect her recipe for tacky and pliable wraps and began selling them at farmers markets in the spring of 2019. They were an instant success and the reason you're reading about her here today.

Bree lives in the rural backroads of the Kootenays, BC. Sharing a lush homestead with her husband and daughter. They grow a bountiful garden that provides the majority of their produce needs and keep chickens for eggs.

When shes not working on her business she's sharing her passion for nature and herbology, and spending time with loved ones. You'll often find her organising community events and cooking for a weekly pop up cafe at her local community hall.

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