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Image by Matthew T Rader

say goodbye to plastic wrap

... and hello to a fresh & friendly alternative! 

A Sustainable Solution

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Fresher Food for a Cleaner Planet

Wax wraps are a sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic wrap.  Made from upcycled material, wraps are made to order and come in 4 different sizes.  Each pack is unique and keeps fabric out of the landfill.

Did You Know:

91% of plastic isn't recycled

and most of it ends up in the ocean?   


Such a huge problem can feel overwhelming but we can make a difference by limiting single-use plastics in our daily lives. 

Handmade in Kaslo BC, Busy Bree's Wax wraps are 100% plastic-free (including our shipping materials) and can be used again and again!   


Our Products

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Easy to use!

Wax wraps can be shaped around almost anything while the warmth from your hands keeps the freshness sealed inside!

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